Lesson Recording @ iRES

(A) Customised Lesson Recording

We refer to our managed recording service as Customised Video Recording (CVR). Recording is done with the assistance of our staff, who will manage all the technical aspects of recording and editing. CVR comes in two flavours to suit the Faculty’s preferences:

Monitored Recording

Our staff will allow the faculty member time and space to do the recording. We will only monitor the equipment to ensure that they are operating properly, and will only interrupt should there be a major issue. This allows the faculty member to operate under no pressure to conform to external influences or distractions.

Fully-Managed Recording

Recording is done with the assistance of our staff who will manage all the technical aspect of recording and editing, and the editing will be based on templates that were agreed with the Faculty before the start of the recording session.


(B) Self-Recording


We will prepare the facility for the recording and allow the faculty to record at their own time and pace. Though our staff will not monitor or interfere with the recording, they will be available upon request for assistance.

The primary application for self-recording is the AcuStudio. Other alternatives exist, so feel free to contact our staff for other available options.

During the recording process, the faculty can make annotations on the screen using a tablet to enhance the presentation. The recording can be edited and published for playback on your PC or published to NTU video server for online viewing. Faculty can edit the recordings themselves or, alternatively, request our staff to assist in the editing.