Getting Started

In many universities today, elearning is widely adopted as part of the teaching and learning environment. At NTU it has been an integral part of the student learning experience as it provides a blended learning environment to complement face-to-face teaching. eLearning at NTU is anchored by a robust online learning management system known as NTULearn.

Go through this Getting Started Guide to learn about the system requirements for accessing contents, including video lecture recordings, and tools in the NTULearn system; and preventive measures for known issues in the use of NTULearn as follows:

(i) Common issues in accessing course contents

1. Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues

Some Internet Explorer users may experience issues accessing NTULearn such as, missing or hidden menu options as shown in the diagram below.


  1. Under “Tools” in the menu bar, select Compatibility View settings as shown in the diagram below. For IE 8 and 9, you may have to make the menu bar visible by clicking on Alt key. For IE 10 in Windows 8 OS, you must be in Desktop mode.
  2. Check if "" is added to “Compatibility View Settings” as shown in the diagram below. If it is so, please remove it from the list and uncheck the 3 boxes (except IE 11).
  3. Click on Close button to close the “Compatibility View Settings” dialog box.


Switching off the browser Compatibility Mode should resolve these issues and enable Blackboard to work correctly.

2. Content Security Warning

When you are accessing your course content in NTULearn, the internet browser may occasionally issue this prompt, “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?“. Select the option ‘No’ to proceed so as to allow your browser to display secured and non-secured content when prompted.

3. Content is outside of the Blackboard Learn Environment Warning

When you are accessing an external link from your course site, you may occasionally face this prompt, “The content below is outside of the Blackboard Learn environment” and you may not be able to access the link.To overcome the problem, right-click the link of the content and select Open in new window to display the content outside of the NTULearn system.

(ii) Supported browsers and required plug-ins

For best experience in using NTULearn and accessing the video recorded lectures, you are encourage to install and used the following browsers

Browsers for
Windows PC
Recommended Version Required Browser's
Internet Explorer 9.x
Firefox 12.x
Chrome 20.x

(iii) Login to NTULearn

As a matriculated NTU student, you will be given a NTU network account (user ID and password) which can be used to access NTULearn. If you are a non-matriculated student, you will be given a user ID and password by your course coordinator or NTULearn Helpdesk to access NTULearn.

The most common issue in not able to login to NTULearn is due to Password Expiry or Locked Account - your NTU network account password will expire every 180 days and will be locked after 6 unsuccessful attempts of logging in.

If you encounter a “Valid authentication credentials were not provided” error when accessing NTULearn, your password may have expired. To reset your password which has expired, you may

  • Change the password at Network Account Password Changer website; or
  • Send an SMS request; or
  • Fax your request to CITS Helpdesk at 6792 7892 with your contact number, and a photocopy of your matriculation card or staff card; or
  • Visit in-person the One Stop @ SAC (opposite OCBC Bank) at NS3-01-03, Academic Complex North

If you are certain that your NTU network account ID and Password are valide, please contact Service Desk at 6790 4357
or email to for assistance.

Note that:

  • Windows Live account which is used for accessing NTU email cannot be used to access NTULearn.
  • New students must change their NTU Network Account Passwords at before accessing any NTU web services, including NTULearn within 7 days after the issue of the new account.
  • For undergraduates Access to NTULearn is activated one to two days after matriculation, payment of course fee and subject registration at the StudentLink STARS system
  • For postgraduates Access to NTULearn is activated 5 to 10 working days after matriculation, payment of course fee and subject registration. A longer period is required for the confirmation of subject registration by the School.