Core Courses

Introduction to sustainability: Multidisciplinary Approaches and Solutions

This six-module course provides an introduction to sustainability from the perspectives of several different disciplines from engineering and natural sciences to business and economics. This core course which is offered to all the first year NTU students (about 6000) introduces the importance of sustainability and how we can create dynamic societies with a sustainable future within global limits. The online course allows students to grasp the fundamentals of the course at their own pace. They can replay or retry materials/activities as many times as they wish. They can pause to do further research elsewhere to augment the materials that their instructor has provided, without having to interfere with other learners’ progress. Students would need to take and pass a quiz at the end of each module as they progress through the course.



Absolute Basics for Career

16,900[1]. That’s the estimated number of fresh graduates from the local universities hitting the pavement looking for job opportunities in 4 years’ time. Your peers. Your competition. In today’s competitive world, it is essential that you learn the crucial career skills early to ensure a competitive edge among future graduates. This Absolute Basics for Career course delivered via 5 modules takes you through a journey of career discovery and personal branding. It also provides you with the know-how of crafting a resume, performing in interviews and crafting a professional image through grooming. This core course is by Margaret Lien Centre for Professional Success.

[1] Estimated number based on 2013 intake of freshmen from NTU, NUS, SMU, SIT and SUTD. Source: Individual universities websites.