Regular NTU Courses

At NTU, more than 90% of the undergraduate and postgraduate course modules offered have had an online presence in NTULearn. Students can access the course sites of their registered course modules to download their course materials, review lecture video recordings*, participating in discussion forum and self-paced learning activities, submit paper assignments and use Turnitin for originality check*...etc.

* Lecture recordings and Turnitin assignment for originality check may not be available in all courses.

Beside the regular course modules, NTULearn also provides links to other courses offered at NTU such as:

  • Academic and research integrity course modules for students to learn more about the good practices and responsibilities in academic writing and research study
  • OHS Healthy and Safety Courses on potential work and laboratory hazards and the necessary precautions and preventive measures to improve workplace safety
  • LyndaCampus Video Libraries which contains thousands of video courses on the latest web, multimedia, office applications and soft skills
  • NTU Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) which matriculated undergraduate students can sign up and transfer the credits earned upon successful completion of the courses towards fulfilling the requirements of their NTU degree programme